A bed and breakfast with a provence style,

in the heart of the city ...


The Bed and Breakfast Le Piment Vert is located in the neighborhood of ‘La Roquette, along the river Le Rhône. Youll have no troubles finding all the shops you might need during your trip such as grocery stores, bakeries, butcheries, cheese shops and many restaurants



Our purpose..


"Our house is old, actually pretty old. Before I arrived, many people have lived here and in some ways left a print, a piece of their soul. From lives to lives, Le Piment Vert, many times centennial, built his own soul, toward the past although  with futur visitors's promise. I am the temporary owner, during our XXIe century, just the time for me to let a piece of my soul behind. Our Bed and Breakfast? Another invitation to share and meet you during a night time, a week or even more, a fragment of life along eternity. I’m offering you to share our warm and cosy everyday, sitting on a banch, a glass of wine between your hands and listening to the city’s rumor, as we are in the old center of Arles.


(your host)

B&B Arles

Néva's Room


The room, on the first floor of a « stone house », keeps fresh during the hot southern summers.


You’ll find a small kitchen with his refrigerator, sink and hob available. You’ll enjoy an Italian bathroom with an independent WC


We charge 50euros a night for a single person and 70 € for a couple.


The breakfast may be provided if you want to get one. We charge it 5 € per person. It is served in the common kitchen.